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“Are we living too short and dying too long?”

An overwhelming number of people suffer from at least one health concern, whether physical or emotional & mental. Modern medicine treats symptoms (not the root cause) with medication – often for the rest of ones’ life! There is a pill for virtually everything, but there is a better way to heal yourself from:

§  Anxiety or depression

§  High blood pressure

§  Diabetes

§  Eczema

§  Joint pain
§  Excess weight

§  Cancer

§  Digestive issues

§  Acid reflux / bloating

§  Mystery issues

Here’s a fact: you do not have to resign to living on medication with chronic illness or ailments. Your knees aren’t bad, they’re carrying too much weight! Skin disorders are often a result of your digestive health – change that! Type II diabetes is a result of your (often uninformed) choices. This is reversible! Cancer is an immune deficiency, you can strengthen your immune system!


There are countless opinions on health and nutrition, much of it conflicting information. At this Detox Retreat, we’ll sort it all out for you, provide you with quality resources, and help you understand how to make the right decisions for your health.


Do you want to spend your life living or dying? If you are ready to let go of excuses and are committed to making life changes that will add years to living a full, active lifestyle, this retreat is for you! It will be the most rewarding gift you can give yourself and your family!


Where We will make these amazing life changes on a beautiful, plush island in Panama. Isla Bastimento, Bocas del Toro is located on the Caribbean side of Panama. You will stay in open-air cabins, breathe in clean, unpolluted air, and eat fresh from the land and ocean.


Description Over the course of this retreat, you will learn how to detoxify through nutrition and stress management, and you will learn how to reduce your toxin load from every day environmental toxins.


We will offer daily workshops on a variety of related subjects, including (but not limited to):


§  identifying which foods nourish you and which foods (or food like things) are toxic

§  sugar and other drugs

§  why organic matters

§  what’s wrong with corn, soy, dairy, and wheat

§  breathing exercises to help reduce stress

§  replacing toxic personal care and cleaning products with simple, homemade, non-toxic solutions


You will learn that almost every illness and ailment is a result of being toxic or deficient and how you can make choices to heal yourself through safe and natural methods. This includes exposure to environmental toxins and chemical toxins in the home and work place, and how you can reduce these in your everyday life. You will also learn stress management techniques, including daily meditation and yoga classes.


We will enjoy clean, organic, healthy food every day, free of gluten, sugar, soy, and dairy. We will breathe clean, unpolluted air, and swim in unpolluted water. Stress will melt away and you will feel renewed.


By the end of this retreat, you will move better, feel better, and know better!


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